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  • Learn more in less time.

    With our study method based on active recall, you will learn and memorize more effectively and in less time.

  • Make your notes smarter.

    Why learn a new way to take notes? Use the notes you already have, and start to learn right away.

  • Science, not magic.

    Our study method is provably more effective, as confirmed by several scientific studies in cognitive psychology.

  • Track your progress.

    Use DoYouNotes to track which parts you remember and find out gaps, so you can easily fix them and focus your effort.

  • Study on the go.

    Waiting for the bus doing nothing? Open DoYouNotes on your phone and start reviewing! You can bring your study wherever you go.

How does it work?

  • 1. Upload

    Upload notes or books in PDF.

  • 2. Mark

    Mark the parts you need to learn.

  • 3. Recite

    Recite the sections one by one.

  • 4. Check

    Check what you know and find gaps.


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